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Packages that use XMLObjectCache
junit.extensions.xml This package is a extension of jUnit which provides the XML basics for generating test cases defined in XML. 

Uses of XMLObjectCache in junit.extensions.jfcunit.xml

Fields in junit.extensions.jfcunit.xml declared as XMLObjectCache
private  XMLObjectCache JFCXMLTestCase.m_procedures
          Map of procedures.
private  XMLObjectCache JFCXMLTestCase.m_properties
          A Map of all objects that have been found - keyed by the string name.

Methods in junit.extensions.jfcunit.xml that return XMLObjectCache
 XMLObjectCache JFCXMLTestCase.getProcedureCache()
          Returns the cahce of procedures.
 XMLObjectCache JFCXMLTestCase.getPropertyCache()
          Get the property cache.

Uses of XMLObjectCache in junit.extensions.xml

Subclasses of XMLObjectCache in junit.extensions.xml
 class XMLPropertyCache
          Title: XMLObjectCache

Fields in junit.extensions.xml declared as XMLObjectCache
private  XMLObjectCache XMLTestSuite.m_procedures
          Collection of valid procedures for the test case.
private  XMLObjectCache XMLTestCase.m_procedures
          Map of the procedures for this test case.
private  XMLObjectCache XMLObjectCache.m_parent
          The parent XMLObjectCache.
private  XMLObjectCache XMLException.m_properties
          Properties which may have been passed to the element which could not be processed.

Methods in junit.extensions.xml that return XMLObjectCache
 XMLObjectCache XMLTestSuite.getProcedureCache()
          Get the procedure cache.
 XMLObjectCache XMLTestSuite.getPropertyCache()
          Get the found object cache.
 XMLObjectCache XMLTestCase.getProcedureCache()
          Get the procedure cache.
 XMLObjectCache XMLTestCase.getPropertyCache()
          Get the property cache.
 XMLObjectCache XMLObjectCache.getParent()
          Get the parent object cache.
 XMLObjectCache IXMLTest.getProcedureCache()
          Retrun the cache of procedures.
 XMLObjectCache IXMLTest.getPropertyCache()
          Get the Found object cache.

Methods in junit.extensions.xml with parameters of type XMLObjectCache
 void XMLObjectCache.setParent(XMLObjectCache parent)
          Set the parent object cache.

Constructors in junit.extensions.xml with parameters of type XMLObjectCache
XMLObjectCache(XMLObjectCache parent)
XMLException(java.lang.String msg, java.lang.Throwable cause, org.w3c.dom.Element element, XMLObjectCache properties)
          Constructor accepting a String message.

Licensed under: GNU Lesser General Public License, Ver 2.1, February 1999