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Packages that use IXMLTest   
junit.extensions.xml This package is a extension of jUnit which provides the XML basics for generating test cases defined in XML. 
junit.extensions.xml.elements TagHandlers for the basic implementation of the XML. 

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Classes in that implement IXMLTest
 class XMLRoot
          Title: JFCUnit

Uses of IXMLTest in junit.extensions.jfcunit.xml

Classes in junit.extensions.jfcunit.xml that implement IXMLTest
 class JFCXMLTestCase
          This class will handle the processing of <test> nodes.

Methods in junit.extensions.jfcunit.xml with parameters of type IXMLTest
 void JFCXMLTestCase.setParent(IXMLTest parent)
          Set the parent test case.

Uses of IXMLTest in junit.extensions.xml

Subinterfaces of IXMLTest in junit.extensions.xml
 interface IXMLTestCase
          Test Case Interface for running XML Script based testing.
 interface IXMLTestSuite
          Test Case for running XML Script based testing.

Classes in junit.extensions.xml that implement IXMLTest
 class XMLTestCase
          Test Case for running XML Script based testing.
 class XMLTestSuite
          Test Case for running XML Script based testing.

Fields in junit.extensions.xml declared as IXMLTest
private  IXMLTest XMLTestSuite.m_parent
          Parent Test Suite.
private  IXMLTest XMLTestCase.m_parent
          Parent test.

Methods in junit.extensions.xml with parameters of type IXMLTest
 void XMLTestSuite.setParent(IXMLTest parent)
          Set the parent of this test case.
 void XMLTestCase.setParent(IXMLTest parent)
          Set the parent of the test case.
static AbstractTagHandler XMLTagResourceBundle.getTagHandler(org.w3c.dom.Element element, IXMLTest test, java.lang.String type)
          A convenience method to get a handle to the AbstractTagHandler implementation.
private  AbstractTagHandler XMLTagResourceBundle.getTagHandlerImpl(org.w3c.dom.Element element, IXMLTest test, java.lang.String type)
          Reads the short name (type) and creates an instance of the tag handler that corresponds to the value from the resource bundle.
 void IXMLTest.setParent(IXMLTest parent)
          set the Parent test case.

Uses of IXMLTest in junit.extensions.xml.elements

Methods in junit.extensions.xml.elements that return IXMLTest
protected  IXMLTest AbstractTagHandler.getTest()
          Get the test.

Licensed under: GNU Lesser General Public License, Ver 2.1, February 1999