Uses of Interface

Packages that use KeyMapping
junit.extensions.jfcunit.eventdata Event data structures are used to define the operation on specific components. 

Uses of KeyMapping in junit.extensions.jfcunit

Fields in junit.extensions.jfcunit declared as KeyMapping
private static KeyMapping TestHelper.s_keyMapping
          KeyMapping to be used with the helper.

Methods in junit.extensions.jfcunit that return KeyMapping
static KeyMapping TestHelper.getKeyMapping()
          Get the key mapping to be used.

Methods in junit.extensions.jfcunit with parameters of type KeyMapping
static void TestHelper.setKeyMapping(KeyMapping km)
          Set the key mapping to be used.

Uses of KeyMapping in junit.extensions.jfcunit.eventdata

Methods in junit.extensions.jfcunit.eventdata that return KeyMapping
static KeyMapping AbstractKeyEventData.getKeyMapping()
          Get the attribute value.

Methods in junit.extensions.jfcunit.eventdata with parameters of type KeyMapping
static void AbstractKeyEventData.setKeyMapping(KeyMapping km)
          Set the attribute value.

Uses of KeyMapping in junit.extensions.jfcunit.keyboard

Classes in junit.extensions.jfcunit.keyboard that implement KeyMapping
 class AbstractKeyMapping
          Abstract key mapping is used to translate key codes or characters into key strokes.
 class DefaultKeyMapping
          This class maps the key codes for a standard US 101 Key Keyboard.

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