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Packages that use TestHelper
junit.extensions.jfcunit.eventdata Event data structures are used to define the operation on specific components. 

Uses of TestHelper in junit.extensions.jfcunit

Subclasses of TestHelper in junit.extensions.jfcunit
 class JFCTestHelper
          Class that provides facilities for locating components within a GUI.
 class RobotTestHelper
          Class that provides facilities for locating components within a GUI.

Fields in junit.extensions.jfcunit declared as TestHelper
private  TestHelper JFCTestCase.m_helper
          The test helper to be used in testing.

Methods in junit.extensions.jfcunit that return TestHelper
 TestHelper JFCTestCase.getHelper()
          Get the test helper.

Methods in junit.extensions.jfcunit with parameters of type TestHelper
 void JFCTestCase.setHelper(TestHelper helper)
          Sets the helper.

Uses of TestHelper in junit.extensions.jfcunit.eventdata

Fields in junit.extensions.jfcunit.eventdata declared as TestHelper
private static TestHelper ClickTagHandler.s_robotTestHelper
          Robot test helper used to submit events.
private static TestHelper ClickTagHandler.s_jfcTestHelper
          JFCTEst Helper used to submit events.

Methods in junit.extensions.jfcunit.eventdata that return TestHelper
private  TestHelper ClickTagHandler.getJFCTestHelper()
          Get a JFCTestHelper.
private  TestHelper ClickTagHandler.getRobotTestHelper()
          Get a RobotTestHelper instance if possible.

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