jfcUnit enables developers to write test cases for Java Swing based applications. It provides support for:

  1. Obtaining handles on Windows/Dialogs opened by the Java code.
  2. Locating components within a component hierarchy that occur within the containers found above.
  3. Raising events on the found components, e.g. clicking a button, typing text in a TextComponent.
  4. Handling testing of components in a thread safe manner.

Since version 2.0, jfcUnit provides XML Recording and playback. This allows users to quickly and automatically generate/edit  scripts to drive the testing. The XML API's are open and allow for developers to define there own XML tag handlers. See the example JFCUnit via XML.

Since version 1.0, jfcUnit provides two ways to simulate user interaction:

The API is the same whether using the JFCTestHelper or the RobotTestHelper. Please go through the usage documentation for a more detailed explanation of the API available.