Note: jfcUnit requires the following:

  1. jUnit 3.7 (or greater); and
  2. Jakarta RegExp 1.2 (or greater).

Unzip the jfcUnit zip file into a suitable location. Next add in the required jar files to your CLASSPATH. E.g.


set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;\path-to-junit\junit.jar;\path-to-jfcunit\jfcunit.jar;\path-to-jakarta_regexp\jakarta-regexp-1.2.jar

Voila! You are done!

Installing the Eclipse plugin

If you are using Eclipse, you just need the eclipse plugin. Download the plugin zip/tar file into: <ECLIPSE_HOME>/plugins directory, keeping the directory structure from the compressed file. Restart Eclipse - and it will automatically detect the new jfcUnit plugin.

Installing the JBuilder plugin

If you are using JBuilder from Borland then you just need the JBuilder plugin. Download the plugin and unzip file into JBuilderX/lib keeping the directory structure from the compressed file. Go to your projects property page and select the Path tab. Selection the Required Libraries tab. Add and select the version of jfcUnit then press OK. Exit the dialog and you are ready to begin writting JFCUnit test suites.